The kidney transplant team at SGH-Jeddah has successfully conducted two kidney transplant operations on the same day .

In the first case, a 24-year-old Eritrean patient named Said Abdel Kader Yassin was undergoing hemodialysis for one year. His 33-year-old sister, Najat Abdel Kader Yassin, generously agreed to donate one of her kidneys to end his severe suffering. Medical tests were performed on the donor and the recipient prior to transplantation.

In the second case, a 24-year-old Palestinian patient ,Abdelrahman Ammar Yahya El Akad, has been suffering  from kidney failure for several years. He was undergoing medication therapy and   waiting for his fat :To start hemodialysis sessions. Thanks to God , he didn't get to this stage as his brother , Anas Ammar Yahya El Akad , generously donate one of his kidneys to end his suffering .

This great achievement was on July 15, 2018 . It is worth to mention that these two cases are the third and fourth case of a successful kidney transplantation conducted at SGH- Jeddah . The hospital has a waiting list for some patients of different nationalities who need kidney transplant.
Currently , these patients are undergoing medical tests prior to transplantation. Kidney transplant surgeries are expected to be conducted for them in the coming weeks.